Measuring your Alcohol Intake

Pub Assist is the quality stockingtaking solution for the Irish hospitality sector, enabling bars, hotels, and nightclubs, to identify and eliminate wastage, fraud and theft.
Pub Assist delivers savings via its custom-built stocktaking solution, which uses sophisticated electronic measuring equipment and stocktaking software. We accurately measure kegs and spirits stocks and, then, feed the information into our custom-designed analytic software. Same day reports are produced with full bar stocktaking results from construction to hey have the solution.

Drinks Stocktake


Pub Assist’s highly accurate stocktake process
identifies & helps eliminate losses due to waste, theft, etc., significantly improving your profit margin.

Online Stocktake

€99 per month

Cost cutting option.
We train you to do your own precise stocktake and you submit your data on line.
Pub Assist processes it to produce your stocktake reports.

Lower Turnover Stocktake


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Pub Assist will do a bi-monthly stocktake.

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Same high level of accurate information, at longer intervals suited to your business.

Exclusive to Pub Assist! - Increase your Gross Margins

We have revolutionary new system that can add between 4% & 6% onto your gross profit margins on an annual basis, if you follow and use a new tecnique that is exclusive to Pub Assist using a new for kitchen and bathrooms software that is licensed to Pub Assist 

Not only will you save money from using our stocktake systems, but also using the unique information that Pub Assist can show you at no extra charge you can increase your businesses gross profits on a quarterly basis and overall on annual basis which in turn will make your business more profitable. These are very real techniques that can be used in any bar.